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Magic Puffy Pens

Magic Puffy Pens

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This set of puffy pens is magical—no abracadabra required! In only 60 seconds, the ink from these puffy paint pens will expand out like it’s come alive! This fun spin on 3D art only requires paper, a hair dryer, and these awesome popcorn pens! Designed in neon colors, this set of six non-toxic magic puffy pens are the perfect tool for creating unique art or wowing someone with a DIY 3D greeting card! Just use the pens, let the ink dry, and heat it up for about a minute, then watch as it puffs up with pride!

pens that magically puff up
Magic pens with paint that magically puffs up with heat
6 vibrant neon colors
Add heat to make ink puff up like popcorn - adult supervision is advised
Suitable for ages 3 and up

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